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Ask Amy: Wife can’t mourn until she forgives

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

What do I do now?

– Family Man

Dear Family Man: You could try to have an “open” marriage, where you and your wife stay legally married and continue to live together but are both free to have outside relationships.

That might not be tenable for you — in which case, you can divorce again, but continue in a family and friendship relationship with this woman you have chosen to marry twice.

You obviously care about her, but she – quite obviously – will not be in a monogamous relationship with you.

Dear Amy: “Discouraged Dater” expects dates to text her.

I am a mom to three young men, and they just can’t seem to find women who don’t want to text all day long — 24/7.

They actually have jobs in which they need to work, but these needy professional women want to be joined at the hip as soon as they meet.


Seems to me if you’re chatting all day long, then why bother getting together; there’s probably nothing left to say.

– Baffled Mom

Dear Baffled: Thank you for offering this perspective.


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