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Ask Amy: Grandparents want house rules for extended stay

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

We have two grown sons (late 20s) who are both married. One of them is the father of my granddaughter.

Both men aren't well off but they both are doing OK for their little families.

My husband and I decided to give each son and their wives a generous cash Christmas present this year.

It was no big deal. We had it and shared it.

However, during my Christmas get-together with the five of them, all we heard was what they got for their wives’ parents: New TV's and dining room sets.

We didn't even get a Christmas card.


We do more for our sons then either one of their in-laws do.

My husband and I can't help but feel slighted.

Should I let them know that they hurt our feelings, or should we just let it go?

– Feeling Slighted


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