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Ask Amy: Partner and dog should roam free

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Every scenario you present exemplifies a complete lack of regard for you – your comfort and your safety – as well as for the dog, which is obviously undisciplined and at risk.

You have been handed an extremely clear lens through which to view this man.

If you ignore what you see, your life will quite literally go to the dogs.

My immediate advice is that you should set both man and dog loose to wander along the interstate rest stop of life.

Dear Amy: Our adult daughter and her partner have been together since college. They live together in another city.

There has been some talk of marriage over the years.


Several months ago, they video-called us to let us know that he no longer identifies as male, but as gender non-binary. He has adopted the pronouns they/them/their.

They are not to be referred to as a “man” or her boyfriend.

When/if she and they marry, they will not be her husband, but a gender-neutral term.

My wife and I have concerns, but are ultimately tolerant of their choice.


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