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Ask Amy: Singleton does the chicken dance at wedding

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I also feel that this wedding is not the best time to any prospective match to "meet the parents."

Your ideas?

– Destined to be Dateless

Dear Dateless: I have a dim memory of seeing this basic plot in a Debra Messing movie … what was it called? Oh yes – (checks Wikipedia) – the “Wedding Date”. Debra Messing’s character hires a male escort to be her wedding date.

Hilarity ensues. Love blooms.

The obvious solution – at least to me – is for you to bring a (male or female) friend as your date, with the expressed intent that this person should serve as your wing-person. Their role would be to ward off random singletons, and if necessary, to use a serving platter from the buffet table as a shield to protect you from nosey aunties.


No matter what – keep a sense of humor about this annoyance. Having people try to set you up may make you feel as if you are somehow inadequate as you are (you’re not), but the intent is usually benign: People who equate happiness with being coupled-up think you’re wonderful.

Your problem contains the foundation for a pretty solid romantic comedy, so after the wedding is over, you might want to write it up.

Dear Amy: I recently celebrated my 70th birthday.

It truly was a memorable day for me, except for one thing.


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