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Ask Amy: Good guests have responsibilities, too

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Introduce yourself by name to people you haven’t met and ask them a question or two. Listen to their responses.

Don’t bring along your dog, unless invited.

Put your phone away, unless you are showing me pictures of your uninvited dog.

If you are feeling sad, lonely, pensive, or not-particularly “sparkling” on the night of the party – you can sit next to me.

Dear Amy: I have two children: a daughter (41, who is divorced) and a son (42), who is married but has no children.

My complaint is not with them, but with so many grandmas around who quiz me about my lack of grandchildren.


I usually answer them by saying I don’t know what my adult kids’ plans are.

This is followed by being inundated by pictures of their grandchildren.

I am happy for them, but just want to yell STOP.

Any thoughts?


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