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Ask Amy: Married man wonders about platonic friend

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Can you help me with a friendlier, more diplomatic response?

– Trying to Save Friendships

Dear Trying: Like you, I believe in anyone’s right to hold their vaccination status privately, and I have guarded my own.

And then my rural hometown became the nexus point of an invasive viral spike and a family member became ill. And now I believe that – if answering this simple question helps someone else to feel less anxious and vulnerable – then, OK!

We now know that vaccination does not totally prevent the spread of this virus, but it helps.

You can politely answer, “I’d rather not disclose my own status, and I understand if that means we won’t be able to see one another for a while, but I look forward to seeing you when things settle down.”

Given that many restaurants and public venues are now requiring proof of vaccination to enter, you may be facing a lonely few months, but your privacy and your principles will remain intact.

Dear Amy: “Proud Papa” wondered if he should tell his daughter that she was too overweight to wear a crop top.


Thank you for discouraging his impulse to comment on his daughter’s body!

Well-meaning people seem to have absolutely no idea how damaging this can be.

– Been There

Dear Been There: I can’t imagine that any person would welcome this sort of assessment.


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