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Ask Amy: Readers offer their own advice

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

She may be a candidate for propranolol, a beta-blocker and can eliminate or greatly reduce the adrenaline discharge.

Many musicians, actors, and public speakers use propranolol.

– Laurie J Bleicher, MD, Anchorage, Alaska

Dear Dr. Bleicher: I have heard from dozens of people, recommending beta blockers as an effective antidote to stage fright.

I was responding mainly to this singer’s desire to stop bowing to the pressure to provide command performances, but I am grateful for your recommendation.

Dear Amy: I appreciated the thoughtful, intelligent, and restrained response that you gave “Resentful Husband,” who deeply resented the fact that his wife had chosen to be a stay-at-home mother, rather than further her career.


As a mother of three children who are now young adults, my own response contained words not fit for a family newspaper.

I felt the advice for them to get couples counseling was especially wise; perhaps the wife will realize through counseling that she deserves better than the self-absorbed, materialistic jerk who sees her as a commodity whose only value can be measured in dollar and cents, rather than as a human being who raised his children and kept the household running while he pursued his career.

He may also be rudely awakened to learn that in most divorce settlements, her contribution would entitle her to half of all the marital assets.

– RoseBette


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