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Ask Amy: Ex’s reappearance brings on anxiety

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: After 20 years and many tears, my ex has decided to reappear.

He found my daughter on social media. She was hesitant to put him in touch. This man literally ran out of our lives. This put me into a major depression. I had a total breakdown.

I made contact, and he told me about his life and mistakes. He apologized to me.

I told him I had forgiven him long ago.

He recently broke up with his girlfriend and I am baffled about why he’s in touch.

I just can't wrap my mind around as to why he wants to talk to me now after all these years.


He talks about all the good times we had. He remembers every single detail of events from years’ past, like they were yesterday.

He said that he messed up badly and regretted everything he did that hurt me.

He has not asked me for anything, except to listen.

I have loved this man the whole time he was gone and now I am afraid I will be hurt again. It's very painful for me. I am afraid.


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