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Ask Amy: Refusing the list is refusing a gift

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Am I being too picky?

– Just Curious

Dear Curious: I’m certain I’ve probably done this, usually assuming there is another photo like the one I’m being shown, but from a different angle.

I agree with you that this presents privacy concerns and is not polite.

We should all keep this in mind when sharing photos and videos in a group setting.

If you have identified one friend who consistently does this, you could gently point it out: “Would you mind not scrolling through the rest of my photos? I’ve got a screenshot of my nuclear codes on there.”

Dear Amy: “Upset” wrote to you about a conflict between a married couple about how to spend Christmas.

So, your advice to this couple is that they should work things out as if they were in a holiday movie?!


And maybe Jimmy Stewart could stop by to guide them.

– Not Convinced

Dear Not: Absolutely. That’s the whole idea.


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