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Ask Amy: Exhausted caregiver deserves some respite

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I hesitate to admit this, but I'm tired of hanging out with my elderly parents.

I live an hour from them, while my two sisters live five states away.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I've driven my parents to the family's two-week beach vacation (and stayed with them), flown with them to a wedding (and stayed with them), and celebrated their anniversary on a week-long trip (and stayed with them).

There are also weekly dinners, shopping trips, and birthday parties.

Now we're staring down the barrel of Christmas and a spring wedding, and I'll again be responsible for getting my parents there – and staying with them.

At 86, my mother is extremely anxious for months before an event. I understand, but it's exhausting.


Since every event might be "the last," I go along to get along, already mourning the times she won't be present.

As a sensitive person, I deeply feel this sadness.

This Christmas, I'd like a break from the tradition of traveling to my sisters' state.

I would like to put my parents on a plane and head with my husband to an art show far away.


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