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Ask Amy: Wife spends and sets up private accounts

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

It will be mostly family and a couple of friends.

We decided to foot the entire bill before sending out the invites.

A couple of family members have asked if they can contribute some money toward the bill, and we don’t know how to respond!

My sister and I chatted about it and feel pretty weird taking anything from anybody.

What should we do?

– Unsure


Dear Unsure: A couple of family members politely asked in advance if they could help with the bill. This is a thoughtful and generous response to your invitation.

All you have to do is to acknowledge their thoughtfulness when you decline.

You respond: “It is so kind of you to offer, but we’ve got this, and it will be our pleasure to host you on this special night. Looking forward to seeing you!”

Dear Amy: I am a middle-school teacher.


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