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Ask Amy: Wife spends and sets up private accounts

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I don’t know how much longer I can keep going like this! What can I do?

– Tired and Taxed

Dear Tired: Given the lack of financial trust between you two, it would be a good idea to immediately remove your wife as your power of attorney.

You should then be honest with her that you can no longer afford the $3,300 rent, and so she will need to pay half of the rental expense and share other household expenses.

The money and the property she inherited from her father rightfully belong to her. She might be deliberately keeping these assets separate in order to prevent them from being considered “community property.”

But just as you put your accident award toward living expenses, she should now dip into her kitty to help support the household.


I assume she will refuse.

Her refusal to contribute to her own housing and living expenses, to follow through on verbal agreements, or to share financial information with you are real red flags. Staying married to her could potentially sink you.

You should research less expensive rental housing to move into at the end of your lease. Sadly, this downsizing might include losing her.

Dear Amy: My sister and I are planning a surprise 70th birthday dinner party at a nice restaurant for my parents.


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