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Ask Amy: Vaccination status interferes with holiday

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You would be far less boring to your partner if you redirected your romantic energy. Imagine if all of that sparking were kept at home!

She has the responsibility to financially support her children. If she has the energy to cheat on you multiple times, then maybe she should direct her surplus passion and energy toward improving her financial situation.

My basic point is that you two can either behave like goldfish – bumping endlessly into the sides of your bowl – or you can get it together, be a committed couple, and attack your lives as a team.

If your pattern of 10 years is based on goldfish drama, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for you as a couple, but I hope that you – as an individual – can change.

Dear Amy: Generally, you seem to recommend minding your own business, but you recently told “Everyone Knows But You” to repeat neighborhood gossip. What gives?

– Caught You


Dear Caught: This scuttlebutt directly involved a family member. I suggested telling the family member, “I am uncomfortable both knowing this and also repeating it…” leaving the choice up to the receiver.


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