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Ask Amy: Vaccination status interferes with holiday

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

She has cheated on me three different times because I wasn't being affectionate enough, and I was very boring.

I've taken care of her for years between paying all the bills, including paying her child support.

After certain fights we've had, she's threatened to leave me, but has never actually left me.

Obviously, she can't survive on her own. She just got a job and doesn't make enough money.

Recently, I’ve had feelings for someone, but it was only for a short time.

I know I’m all over the place, but I guess I feel like our relationship will always be abnormal and off.


What do you think?

– Confused

Dear Confused: Your fiancé can survive on her own. She just doesn’t.

And you two can be faithful to one another instead of weaponizing your mutual infidelity – but you aren’t.


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