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Ask Amy: Vaccination status interferes with holiday

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

His behavior isn’t mature, or kind, or hewing closely to the “holiday spirit,” and yet this sort of conflicted behavior forms the main plot of many of our favorite holiday-inspired stories, songs, and movies.

The basic theme is: “I’m feeling hurt and disappointed, and so I can’t do Christmas this year.”

In the movie version, you would be very understanding and patient, and – just before it was too late – he would come around.

I vote for the movie version.

Don’t trash his family or comment on their choices.

Plan something simple with your mother. Tell your husband about your plan and tell him, “We really wish that you would join us, but understand if you don’t want to. I know this is a tough year for you.”


Dear Amy: My fiance and I have been together for almost 10 years.

Unfortunately, during that time, there has been a lot of infidelity.

I was spending time talking to girls on Facebook after I said I wouldn’t, even though I didn't really feel as though I was doing anything wrong at the time.

Obviously, saying I wouldn’t do it and then doing it, I was doing something wrong.


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