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Ask Amy: Affair between neighbors leads to awkward silence

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

It wasn't until I became an adult that I realized that the racing heart and sweating weren't just due to nerves, but because I suffered from severe anxiety about singing in front of people.

I am (in my opinion) outgoing, and have no problem speaking in front of people, but singing is something totally different.

Over the past few years, my anxiety has peaked.

I have been asked to sing at several weddings (and funerals).

The first time I just decided to suck it up. It seemed to go well, but I was a total wreck.

The next time, I was vocal about my fears of singing in front of a crowd.


I was told to just "pray about it" and reminded that I have a gift and I should use it. Well, Amy, I drink myself under the table at every wedding I sing at because the anxiety causes so much stress for me.

My husband has told me that he flat-out refused to let me do this again because I am so terrified about singing.

He says that I need to put my foot down.

How do I do it in a way that won't upset someone asking me to sing for their wedding/funeral, especially when the request is mostly coming from family?


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