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Ask Amy: Affair between neighbors leads to awkward silence

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I’d appreciate your take on this.

– Conflicted

Dear Conflicted: My reaction to this is — if you don’t know “the point” of an action or reaction, then you should wait until the point makes itself evident.

Another way to think about this is to ask yourself: “What good could come of this?”

Maybe “the good” is you unburdening yourself of knowledge you’ve always held onto as a deep secret. However, doing so, you might upend another family.

I tend to believe that the truth is the truth, and we all might as well know the truth.


However, I also feel strongly that some things just aren’t our business.

Is your parents’ marriage and your father’s consensual relationship your news to share? Do you have the right to dive into your next-door neighbors’ marriage?

You could certainly connect with your childhood friend on Facebook and attempt to re-establish a relationship without spilling the beans to see if Annie makes the first move.

Dear Amy: I have been singing my entire life. I started out in the choir at my church and was often asked to lead songs.


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