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Ask Amy: Car sale goes sideways, feelings follow

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My best friend's mother can no longer drive, so they are selling her car.

I asked her how much they were asking for the car. The reply: “For you, $500.” I said, “Consider it sold. I will buy it for my daughter.”

I called my daughter to go over and test drive it. She did and got the VIN number to get the insurance on the vehicle before she picked it up.

My girlfriend asked her to come get the car on Friday.

However, my daughter got very sick on Friday and went to the doctor. She was in terrible pain and went back to the doctor on Saturday.

The doctor thinks she has kidney stones.


I got a text from my friend saying she hadn't heard from my daughter. I explained that she was very sick.

I asked if it could wait until next week and she said, “Sure.”

My daughter was moving and had to be out of her place by Sunday.

While I agree that a phone call from her to explain why she was not able to get the car would have been nice, I'm sure she just forgot.


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