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Ask Amy: Husband’s Twitter profile leaves wife stumped

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Classes are small in size, with 10 or fewer students.

I guess I’m asking because I know that I’m older than three of my professors, and I was always taught to use deferential titles.

– Kara

Dear Kara: I vote for “Professor,” unless directed otherwise.

Age is immaterial. (I say this with the personal knowledge that if you keep going long enough, you will simply be older than everyone.)

One reason to use this title would be because every time you do, you will be reminded of your own very hard-won status as a student headed toward a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

You’ve progressed far enough to be taught by credentialed experts in their field, who have earned an honorific (your community college professors earned it, too – and they expressed their own preferences).

Credentials and professional titles aside, “teacher” and “student” are the highest callings any of us could follow. Congratulations!


Dear Amy: “Sick of it All” described their extreme isolation because of the pandemic. I totally disagree with your advice to “tiptoe” back into the world.

I am older with underlying health issues. I am extremely careful and will not risk being around unvaccinated people. I take walks with other vaccinated people, socialize outside, and go to the library.

– My Health Comes First

Dear First: The things you are doing are exactly the kind of things I advised “Sick of it All” to do. You have tiptoed back into the world, and seem to be doing well.


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