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Ask Amy: ‘Bestie’ worries about her role in friend’s affair

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

It was lovely in every respect, and both her mother and I were thrilled that things went as she wanted.

However, she was so caught up as the center of attention that she ignored the common tradition of greeting each table and saying a few words to their guests.

Even after I asked her to speak to the guests, she ignored my brother and sister and their families entirely.

He let me know the next day how hurt they were.

Her mother and I were crushed and had no idea that she had neglected them in this way.

Of course, I will strongly recommend making amends to these relatives.


I feel I failed as a parent and failed my daughter by not being aware of this fault at that time.

I thought that we had raised her better. She's 34 now.

What would you suggest I add to our conversation?

– Deflated Post Wedding


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