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Ask Amy: Dating is disrupted by smoke-filled rooms

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

One evening, I was waiting in a hallway outside my young daughter’s classroom, and my U.S. history teacher passed by.

I asked him about the long-lost items, and he told me to wait a few minutes.

Upon his return he carried with him all of the items that I had left in his classroom almost 20 years before! He had kept them for many years, waiting for me to come back to claim them.

When he cleaned his classroom out for the move, he found them in the back of a closet and kept them, hoping that someday they would make it back to my family.

My eyes fill with tears as I write this, years later, and I can never thank him enough for keeping them safe.

I encourage “Teacher” to do everything she can to locate the student or a family member who rightfully owns these items.


– Lesson Learned

Dear Lesson Learned: I’m delighted to publish your reunification story, in hopes that it will inspire “Teacher in a Quandary” to make greater efforts to connect these heirlooms with their owners.

Dear Amy: I would love to have my nieces and nephews in my life.

When I was in my 20s, I contracted HIV. I got sick in 1979, and diagnosed in 1983.


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