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Ask Amy: Adult survivors of abuse must be heard

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Holding onto this secret must have been excruciating for both of your children.

You don’t mention any consequences for the adult who abused these children. I hope your daughter will permit you to attend a session with her therapist to discuss next steps, including going to the police.

Male victims of sexual violence are an underreported demographic, and your son deserves to tell his story, to be believed, and to receive help. is a resource dedicated to male survivors, and those who love them. You and your son can be connected with other survivors and with counselors.

Dear Amy: I have a family member who lives out of town. She has two children under the age of four.

They are completely out of control, screaming, crying, running and climbing on everything in sight. They throw temper tantrums daily.

I work in early childhood education and have seen a gamut of behaviors, but these two are off the charts.


Their parents constantly overstimulate them by tossing them in the air and dangling them upside down.

Their mother looks like she is at the breaking point.

Everyone is tired of the situation, and I feel like I can’t extend advice because it will look like criticism.

My grown children have informed me that if this family is present for the holidays, they won’t be coming.


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