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Ask Amy: Emotional affair strains long marriage

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Don’t lock yourself into an ultimatum. State your case, share your feelings, tell him what you need from him, and invite him to have the sort of intimate conversation you know he is capable of having.

Dear Amy: The conversation about adults keeping comfort objects prompted me to write.

I am a senior ranking soldier who recently returned from a deployment with a new "friend" in tow!

When I first arrived in theater, my predecessor handed off a “Beanie Baby” (cat) which he had received as a morale booster at the beginning of his deployment.

I kept it on my desk as a cheerful presence while I worked incredibly long, stressful days.

Within two weeks of arriving in theater, the pandemic hit and presented a real and present threat to the mission.


We had to take drastic measures to reduce forces while keeping the mission going.

Things became even more stressful than they already were.

Within three months, I was nearly broken as a result of the overwhelming workload.

I was in desperate need of relief with no way of receiving it.


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