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Ask Amy: Troubled daughters won’t reveal reasons

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

– Touchy Situation

Dear Touchy: For people who have taken a tough stance, you and your wife seem especially vulnerable to the opinions of others.

I don’t know of many households that can easily accommodate a family of six for several days.

Regardless of your capacities, you are unwilling to host this family.

You don’t need to supply reasons.

You don’t need to explain yourself.

You DO need to be willing to appear inflexible or ungenerous to those who will judge your choice.

If the family wants to visit your town, you could research nearby short-term rental homes. It would be kind of you to spend some time with them and host them for a few meals.

Dear Amy: Responding to “Overwhelmed,” who was struggling with cleaning out her mother’s apartment, when my father died, my sister and I took the things that were sentimental and/or useful.


Then the church ladies had a whole house sale.

It took three days and it was a happy event for them.

They kept all of the proceeds, and the only condition was that the house would be left TOTALLY empty.

– Downsized

Dear Downsized: This is brilliant!


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