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Ask Amy: Some scuttlebutt should be shared

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My daughter-in-law’s mother, “Penny,” was cheating on her husband right before he died. Penny moved him into the family home three weeks after her husband’s funeral.

My daughter-in-law and my son recently had a baby that they will not allow to go to Penny’s home because they do not want the child around this man.

Unfortunately, my daughter-in-law is not aware that Penny actually married him.

Penny and I are not only in-laws, but we are neighbors.

Everyone in the neighborhood knows that Penny has remarried.

My dilemma is – now that I know this, should I share it with my daughter-in-law?


Penny has added this man to the title deed of the family home.

He has two grown children of his own, and one is an addict who has stolen from Penny.

I am concerned that withholding this information from my daughter-in-law will eventually cause a giant rift with my son and my own family.

Do I tell?


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