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Ask Amy: Found money raises privacy questions

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I was doing a deep clean in our bedroom, dusting and going through clothes to donate, vacuuming, etc.

My husband's bureau is stacked high with papers and much more.

I decided to move and remove everything on top to dust.

In a box, three envelopes with large sums of money fell out.

I put the envelopes back in the box and finished dusting.

He was visibly furious when he came home: "Why did you touch my stuff, where is it…?!”


He stomped off downstairs.

I didn't mention the money that night.

The next morning before work, he removed the money. I know this because I started moving his belongings and the box was empty.

He called later in the day and I mentioned, “Hey, did you hit the lottery?”


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