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Ask Amy: Catfishing expedition doesn’t hold water

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I learned that my boyfriend might have cheated on me.

The story he told me was that a friend of his saw a female (that the friend used to date) on a dating site.

The friend wanted to get revenge on this ex, so he used my boyfriend’s old profile from the dating site to catfish her.

However, from everything I saw, it seems like my boyfriend was not the middleman, but the primary person.

All the messages between the two were from my boyfriend, and the messages from him sounded just like him, not like his friend.

My boyfriend and I got into an argument, and he left the house.


At the same time he was arguing with me, he was texting the girl, wanting to see her.

He went to her house that night and when he came home, he was acting differently.

I was in the dark about all of this at the time, but later I spoke with the female involved and she told me that she and my boyfriend had in fact slept together.

He has adamantly denied this, saying that he only went to her house as a bet from his friend, the one who was using his profile on the dating app.


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