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Ask Amy: Friends behave differently while on a break

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I confronted her in an email and told her the behavior wasn't acceptable.

She didn't respond to my email. I followed up three more times.

I don't want to burn this bridge because I still really like her. I want to forgive, but she treated me terribly. What should I do?

– Heartbroken and Angry

Dear Heartbroken: Here are the signs you seem to have missed: She would only see you when she was in your town (not in hers).

She always controlled the contact with you and claimed to have ghosted you “by accident.” (That just doesn’t happen.)

My theory is that she is already in a relationship. But even if she isn’t, she is a jerk. You deserve better.

Next time, pay very close attention to the other person’s physical availability before communicating extensively.

Dear Amy: “Overwhelmed in Georgia” reported that her child’s caregiver constantly brings gifts to the family.


I am a pet sitter. I leave a small, innocuous gift (a plant, flowers, a homemade loaf of bread) for clients, as a token of my gratitude for their business.

I try to be mindful of their tastes, and never give anything that would "invade" their lives or make them feel uncomfortable.

– Grateful Pet Sitter

Dear Grateful: That is very thoughtful.


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