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Ask Amy: Friends behave differently while on a break

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

She has admitted to feeling guilty about this, and so you could ask her why she feels guilty. She might say that she knew that this would hurt your feelings – and she is right.

Overall, you should always follow your gut, but you should also give this some time to resolve without pressuring her.

If you don’t push, Stacy may be less defensive and feel compelled to open up more.

Dear Amy: I met someone on a dating app.

She was in my city for work. She even asked me over for a booty call, but I didn't go.

We kept talking, and so I asked to meet in-person in her town. She ghosted me.


Three months later, she texted me saying she accidentally ghosted me because she broke her leg and was on pain medicine and bed rest, but now was doing better.

Her explanation seemed plausible. We started texting nonstop and spent hours on the phone.

I fell for her hard.

I suggested meeting again in her town and she didn't respond for three weeks. She then said her leg got worse and it wasn't a good time.


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