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Ask Amy: Friends behave differently while on a break

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I've always told my fianceé “Stacy” to stay in touch with her old friends from before we met.

I knew of her male friends and had met most of them, or so I thought.

Stacy and I recently had a break in our relationship, lasting for about two months, during which she moved out and was staying with her brother.

When we finally reconciled, I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right.

I asked her if something happened while we were apart that would affect our relationship, and she said no.

My gut told me otherwise.


I was persistent. Finally, she revealed that she went out to dinner with an old friend, a male, who came to her brother's house.

She has continued to lie about several things regarding this situation. I think this was more than just dinner, but she denies any physical interaction with this person.

She also stated that she felt guilty about going out with him. She deleted all communication between them before telling me about this.

I cannot understand all of the lying, hiding, and secrecy.


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