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Ask Amy: Pastor’s child feels weight of service

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

– Plans Awry

Dear Awry: There are many stages of work between full-on employment and total retirement. Is your husband willing to take longer breaks in order to travel or pursue other interests along with you?

It is vital – for so many reasons -- that anyone who owns his own business develop an exit plan. Will he leave his business to a family member, or sell it outright?

If he starts to plan for his company’s longer-term future, part of that plan would be to start a gradual and (hopefully orderly) transition, which should free up some time.

Also, please don’t wait around for him! Develop your own interests, friendships, and hobbies. Sign up for classes, guided trips, and volunteer opportunities.

Dear Amy: Now that Thanksgiving is coming up, leftovers are my pet peeve!

Isn’t it enough that people get invited to a feast in someone’s home, and yet they STILL expect to be given enough food for the next day – and perhaps the day after?

Be grateful!


– Grateful

Dear Grateful: In some families, sending people home with leftovers is very much expected.

I’m with you.


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