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Ask Amy: Veterans respond to tough homecomings

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

In the week before her passing, she said it took her 40 years, but she was never so proud to have served.

She knew her kids were proud, but strangers saying, “thank you” and showing respect for her service boosted her.

She finally felt like she fully came home.

To all of the vets out there: Thank you and welcome home.

– Daughter of a Proud Veteran

Dear Amy: My husband spent 18 months in Vietnam.


When many soldiers came home, the minute they hit the States, they would change out of uniform because of comments that were being made.

Yes, there were those that were spit upon.

It was years before he would tell anyone that he served in Vietnam. Now when he is out and wearing his Army/Vietnam cap, more Vietnam veterans will come and talk to him.

– Loving Wife


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