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Ask Amy: Abuse survivor wants to set record straight

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: When I was a young woman of 20 and returned home for a visit after basic training in the military, my father had too much to drink one night.

He asked me to sit beside him after my mom went to bed.

It didn’t feel quite right, but I sat next to him.

Then, my dad tried to French kiss me.

I got away from him and avoided him the next day.

I didn’t visit my parents again for a while because I was shipped overseas.


I thought about it later and wondered if he even remembered doing this?

Maybe he blacked out from drinking.

Then, my aunt (my mom’s sister) who is only slightly older than me, confessed that my dad did the same thing to her. (I did not disclose it happened to me too.)

My dad has since died. My sister thinks that he was a saint. She has never recovered from his death. She and my mother never understood why I was not close to my dad as an adult.


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