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Ask Amy: Family struggles with extremes over holidays

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This task will be made easier if you break it down into smaller categories. Start with the kitchen, and have four open boxes: Keep, Donate, Unsure, Trash.

Make sure to photograph items. These photos will help to keep your memories fresh, for a time in the future when you’re ready to revisit them.

If you are paralyzed, you might want to rent a small storage unit to house items until you are ready. Understand, however, that this can bring up its own set of challenges. If you rent a unit, set regular goals to continue to go through and pare down these possessions.

Dear Amy: “Exasperated” shared an experience I’ve been through – the frustration of her husband entering the room and insisting that she immediately stop texting or answering an email.

In addition to your advice, you asked Exasperated to take a look at her own behavior.

I did this recently and realized that my phone had completely infiltrated my family time.


– Working on Unplugging

Dear Working: A lot of us need to work on unplugging.


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