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Ask Amy: Parents struggle to cope with child’s antics

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Dear Sad: You’ve gone round and round with your son and now you both know everything you need to know about where each of you stands.

Your attempts to control him have failed, and now he is blaming you for trying.

Stop discussing this with him. Your son lives far away, and you should assume that you will have to continue having a relationship with him from a distance, without the focus and pressure of seeing one another in person.

Perhaps as the pandemic continues to fade, you will be able to reassess your own risk regarding being in the presence of unvaccinated people, but until then, anchor to the fact that you love him and know that he loves you. Accept his limitations, and yours and make a choice to move forward.

Dear Amy: Wow, you really missed the mark to “Family Afterthought” who was having a milestone birthday on Thanksgiving this year and wanted to finally have a birthday and not share it with a holiday.

You suggested the person disregard their wishes again and celebrate the birthday after the holiday.

You are no more thoughtful than the family.


– Upset

Dear Upset: I can’t make “Family Afterthought’s” family more thoughtful and kind.

My advice was geared toward urging this “afterthought” to find ways to cope with it.


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