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Ask Amy: Parents struggle to cope with child’s antics

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My wife and I are parents of four children under the age of 10.

Life during the pandemic has been a challenge for us, to say the least.

We have very close friends, “Roberta and Vincent.” We have spent quite a bit of time with them, and our children have become close.

Here is the rub: One of their children (“Steven,” age 7) is prone to breakdowns and meltdowns. He seems to demand to be the center of attention.

Steven is a nice, sweet boy, but it is hard to continue watching the same movie play out time and again with this young man.

Honestly, my 3-year-old seems much easier to be around.


As parents of four children, we understand how difficult it is to raise children.

We love our friends. We do not want to lose our friendship, but also have grown tired of the same antics from Steven.

What should we do? Should we say anything to the parents?

It seems like a delicate dance.


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