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Ask Amy: Nuptials in Belize won’t be a breeze

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Our daughter (age 31) is getting married for the first time to her long-time boyfriend. Parents of the couple are contributing $10,000 each to the wedding.

We were expecting a local wedding where friends and family from all over the United States would be able to attend.

The couple looked into various venues and could not locate one to their liking.

They have since decided to hold the wedding at a fancy resort in Belize! Belize!

They have related to us that it would be cheaper for them to have the wedding there, rather than pay for a local venue.



My wife and I are in our upper-60s and in poor health.

We cannot imagine going to Belize. We have shared our reservations about going, but are walking a fine line, as our daughter can become quite volatile when she is challenged.

Going would require us to spend at least another $5,000 for flights, food, lodging, boarding of dogs, etc.

If we mention anything about the cost, I am sure our daughter would offer to pay for us, which is not what we want.


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