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Ask Amy: Opposite sisters don’t attract, but repel

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I really wanted to tell him about this, but it would destroy him.

He totally loves his wife and does everything for her.

I feel so bad for him. If I act any differently toward her, he will ask me what’s up.

What should I do?

– Unsure

Dear Unsure: There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with walking hand-in-hand, and because you don’t have any idea of the context behind what you witnessed, you should make a choice to avoid leaping to conclusions.


If you choose to discuss this episode with anyone, it should be with the wife. She may be able to provide some helpful or illuminating context.

Dear Amy: I was so surprised to see the question from “Desperate for Change,” outlining a problem I thought I alone had: Terrible anxiety about talking on the phone!

This aversion has been weirdly crippling. During the pandemic, this anxiety has really gotten in the way of my genuine desire to communicate.

I appreciated your commonsense suggestion to communicate via text and writing, but you also suggested “practicing” making calls by calling a business and asking one simple question: “What hours are you open today?”


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