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Ask Amy: Molester in family should be outed to protect children

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Prior to buying the house, we reviewed our finances.

I was aghast at not only how in debt he was, but at the realization that it didn't seem to bother him. He has $60K in unsecured debt and has since had his wages garnished.

He hasn't fully paid his taxes from 2018, so far this year he STILL hasn't filed his taxes. I've tried talking to him, letting him know filing taxes is NOT optional.

Aside from his financial woes, he is the most caring and kind human I've ever met.

He may not be financially sound, but he is an amazing person.

I thought that I could help him learn to be financially responsible, however, any time I try to bring it up, he shuts down. I know he’s embarrassed.


How can I help him want to become financially responsible?

Everyone always asks when we are getting married.

I do NOT want to marry into that type of financial carelessness, but I don't want to "out" him to his friends/family either.

What would be the appropriate response when people ask when we are getting married?


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