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Ask Amy: Guilt about distance leads to more distance

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I hear from so many people who stay trapped in toxic or abusive relationships because they are afraid to be alone. But – as you know – there is no loneliness quite like the loneliness you feel when you are with people who degrade you.

Go forth and start anew!

Dear Amy: “Old Veteran” claimed to be a Vietnam Vet who is uncomfortable when people say, “Thank you for your service.”

This man claimed that veterans were spit on, called “baby killer,” etc.

This is a widely known urban myth. I was shocked that you didn’t call him on it.

– Upset


Dear Upset: I was a child during the Vietnam era and while I can’t verify returning veterans being spit on, I do know that returning soldiers were not always treated well, which is why I believe that civilians now go out of their way to thank members of the military for their service.


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