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Ask Amy: Guilt about distance leads to more distance

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Growing up, I was close friends with a guy in the neighborhood. We remained close friends over the years, but as life happened, we drifted apart.

I stayed in the same town, while he moved more than 40 minutes away.

We got together for dinner every couple of months, but that habit faded, too.

After not hearing from him for a long while, he finally called me, and we got together.

He had contracted a neurological disease that runs in his family.

I felt horrible for him, but he waited more than a year to call me.


We had drifted apart by this time, so I understand the gap in contact.

However, I feel some guilt that over the past couple of years I haven't reached out.

My wife says that both he or his family could also have reached out to me.

He knows that I have been through some rough times.


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