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Ask Amy: Memorial service brings on acute anxiety

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Getting “through” should be your goal.

Talk with your wife. Given the level of your concern, it might be easiest on her if you stayed home.

I recently attended a memorial service via ZOOM, and it was both moving and lovely.

Dear Amy: This is an insignificant problem, but I’d appreciate your opinion.

I have white hair and I think I look good wearing black.

When I am out in public with an acquaintance or co-worker, I can be in mid-sentence when some people will suddenly pick at my black shirt, and then say, “There was a hair on your shirt.”


It seems like they feel compelled to do this.

I feel like an orangutan.

I have sometimes said, partly joking, “I feel like I’m being groomed.”

Are they doing me a favor, plucking one of my white hairs off my shirt?


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