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Ask Amy: New friendship takes an asexual turn

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– DeCluttered

Dear DeCluttered: Congratulations on your clean sweep!

Many distant family members actually look for practical suggestions when it comes to children’s gifts. It is not impolite to offer some ideas, but you should also anticipate that some family members will not comply.

You could send out a group email, offering some direction. Tell them: “The season is upon us and we are anticipating birthdays and holidays. This year we are trying to reduce the material abundance in our household and are encouraging people to send only one gift per child – or offer them “experiences” instead of material gifts. If you’d like ideas, we’d be happy to supply them, and as always, we are so grateful for your thoughtfulness and attention. Our children are very lucky!”

Dear Amy: You are so wrong again. “Confused” wondered why his stupid girlfriend let a drunken man lead her to the dance floor.

She was obviously trying to make him jealous.

You should have told him to dump her.


– Right Minded

Dear Right Minded: You might be right-minded, but you’re also wrong-headed.


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