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Ask Amy: Baby shower brings on infantile behavior

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Q wants us to transition to radical honesty, where I describe what it was like being with someone else. Q believes this will be sexually gratifying.

I am tempted to do this, because then we can avoid breaking up (I do want to be with Q, a lot of the time) and for me to continue to sleep with others.

I confess that I’m uncertain about whether this could possibly ever work, though.

Maybe a part of me enjoys the thrill of cheating, and sanctioning the cheating takes that away?

What do you think we should do?

– P

Dear P: Based on your description, you and your partner seem to be sexually mismatched. “Q” wants you to report about your cheating experiences in the belief that it will enhance Q’s experience, but you believe that cheating and deception are important aspects to your own sexual experience.

I assume you and your partner also have an emotional connection, and so I suggest that maybe you should focus on that for a while, to see if there are shared qualities that connect you, aside from your sexual gamesmanship.

Dear Amy: I was upset by your response to “Worried Friend.” This involved a “surprise” adult child, fathered by the friend’s husband many decades ago.


I felt like you were shaming this child – as a mistake!

Shame on you.

– Upset

Dear Upset: My advice was completely supportive of this struggling friend coming to terms with this situation.

I would never think of – or refer – to any person as a “mistake.”


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