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Ask Amy: Baby shower brings on infantile behavior

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

The shower was filled with our side of family and friends, including grandparents and some people who traveled from out of town.

Only three people from her side showed up, so it was obvious that some phone calls were made to cancel on that end.

When we dropped the gifts off at their home later that evening, my daughter-in- law didn't even acknowledge us.

Now there is talk of doing a drive-by shower with her side of the family.

I feel very disrespected and hurt.

Up until now, our relationship has been great.


Were we wrong?

– Grandma to Be

Dear Grandma: Yes, you were wrong. When this started unfolding, you should have asked your son and daughter-in-law: “What would you like us to do?”

And then you should have done that.


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