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Ask Amy: Online match wants to show up at the office

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I have great sympathy for her. I am sorry for her pain and her inability to overcome it.

However, I will not interact with her in any way going forward and will not be traveling to her funeral in the future, for my own well-being.

Is there anything here I am not considering fully?

– Grieving

Dear Grieving: Unless there are additional legal issues to consider regarding your brother’s estate, I’d say that you’re good.

Given that your brother has died, and his widow is raging and toxic, there is no need for you to have any further contact with her. Do not respond to her letters.

You don’t mention whether they had any children, but if so, you should attempt to keep in touch with them.

I applaud your compassionate reaction to your late-brother’s wife. Holding this sympathy and compassion toward her will be best for everyone.

Dear Amy: I agree your advice for the "Embarrassed Gran,” whose teenage grandson slept with a security blanket and stuffed animal while visiting her.


When I was deployed on an aircraft carrier, a lot more men than you might think brought some kind of lovey with them.

No one seemed to care.

– At Sea

Dear At Sea: Here’s a fun fact from Merriam-Webster: “During World War II, the term ‘security blanket’ was enlisted into U.S. military jargon and referred to any measures or sanctions taken for security purposes, but especially to those for keeping military information secret.”


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