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Ask Amy: Couple’s age differential brings on questions

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

– Caring Mom

Dear Caring: Your daughter sounds smart, independent, and capable. These qualities make her well-equipped to handle her intimate relationships.

Like all of us, she will occasionally struggle and make mistakes. But unless there are mitigating circumstances which you don’t mention (he is married, was married, has children, or a previous unhealthy history with relationships), you must trust that your daughter will make her own way, as we all must.

A child’s job is to grow up. A parent’s job is to let them.

It seems that your daughter has done an exemplary job. You should continue to do yours.

If she explicitly asks you to point out the challenges to her relationship, you could weigh in, but she is likely already aware of these challenges, because she is experiencing them.


Dear Amy: My eldest son is getting married a year from now.

My concern is how he might choose to include his late mother in the celebration. She died from ovarian cancer two years ago.

His fiancee had several interactions with my late wife near the end of her life, so I am hopeful that the couple will recognize her on their special day.

I have not mentioned this to either of my sons and I will wait to see what the two think should be done regarding their mother, without my prompting.


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