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Ask Amy: Couple’s age differential brings on questions

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Our 24-year-old daughter recently moved out of state, before entering grad school in the medical field.

After graduation from college a year and a half ago, she worked in a rehab hospital, where she made many friends.

She became close to one of her co-workers and it seemed like they had a strong friendship. We have met him on several occasions and we like him — he is kind, intelligent, grounded, and treats her with respect.

Recently, she told me that the two of them have been dating for about six months. She was reluctant to tell us because she thought we would not approve. He is 17 years her senior.

She said she is very happy that she still made the move west even after they became exclusive, because she is still pursuing her dreams and goals.

She says that they are taking it one day at a time.


My daughter has always been strong and independent. She was in one other serious relationship and said the relationship taught her that she wanted a more mature partner.

I realize that she is an adult and gets to make her own choices, but I am wondering if I’m negligent as her mother to not point out the possible challenges, should this relationship continue.

I know our opinion means a lot to her, but I also know she will do what is best for her.

Should I just keep my concerns to myself?


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