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Ask Amy: Dad is stealing son’s medical pot

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But what you’ve put into this particular relationship is more valuable than any financial investment, because you have given this your time. And you never get that time back.

You can delay a decision and play it out over the next months – or years – but you’ve already ridden this relationship roller coaster for a decade of your life.

Maybe it’s time to stop.

Dear Amy: “Caught in a Family Feud” was planning a family get-together for their newly discovered half-brother.

Caught was worried because one brother, “Eric,” would behave badly at the event.

The day of having to tolerate angry guests is over. Now, I only invite people who are well behaved, and Zoom in the others briefly.


– Peace in the Valley

Dear Peace: The ability to “mute” people might make Thanksgiving gatherings more tolerable this year.


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