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Ask Amy: Relationship is in receivership

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My friend and I have been planning a trip to Costa Rica to celebrate my birthday.

I initially had 10 people who committed to going, and we all purchased airline tickets.

We booked accommodations and car rentals with 10 people in mind; my friend and I paying for most of it, with the agreement that we would all share the cost later.

Now, three weeks before the trip, three people have dropped out for various individual reasons.

Now I am scrambling to try and cancel rooms and car rentals to get the cost down, as I had estimated a certain cost with the 10 people in mind, and now it's down to seven.

I don’t think it's fair for the remaining guests to take on extra costs, due to those who dropped out.


Should I ask the participants that dropped out to foot at least part of their bill? And if so, how do I ask?

– Disappointed

Dear Disappointed: There isn’t usually a cost for canceling or changing car rental reservations with this much notice. Depending on what service you used to book your rooms, there shouldn’t be a cost for canceling the rooms either.

The people canceling are on the hook for their own airline tickets.


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